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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  June 16, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> a police offfcer punches a woman in the face. what led up to the violent swing. punnh was the best allernative. in baltimore. >> what is so troubling is how brutal this crime as. >> here a dog was hangee. >> chaos at a concert. >> they were throwing garbage cans, plants, food. -> the tweet that could to blame foo the musical melee. >> threat ffr severe weather movessout. how hot and humid it gets on tte weekend. >> live in high definition from wbff tv in altimooe, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, am jeff barnd. ú% and am jennifer ilbeet. a baltimore woman badly hurr by a hit-and-run driver. full recoveryy andton she is alking to us ú%out it. >> keith daaiels with the very and how her friends are helping
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in the reeooery. keith, what can you tell us? >> jeff and jennifer, search is on for hit-and-run driver. police is working with a good description of the vehicle. the kind of crime that could hhppen on any streets. sommone crashes into a person and eeps going. ffces a long recovery. -> mickey shuttles knows what real pain feels like..3 anddonce visitors have gone, thh fear off eing left alone, lyinn in a hospital bed.3 >> it was a horrible feeling. like there were times where i actually wished that i had nnt woke up in the ambulance. >> shuttles in the hospital for two months. the victim of a hit-and-run driver. it happened in broad daylight. april 2, saint alban way in the homeland neighborhood. a self-employed contraator had3
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ffnished a home improvement job at a ouse and standing at her slammed into shuttles's vehicle. then hit shuttles. >> bent my ack door he did backwards and threw me down the street. >> roofer working nearby, saw the accident. he told police officer he saw %-before he driving away. the street. not stopping. but was left with a busted leg. ann broken pelvis. ú%nce that day, she has not walked. a fiercely independeet woman that must epend oo otherr for %-i mean, i guess, that is with. gets, having sooebody else help me to gooto the bathroomm >> with several surgeriessbehind her and removal of pens from the
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-elvis in a few weeks, ddctors tell her she will walk again. >> i can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. i mean, i can see progress. >> welll shuttles is a self-employed. insurance. so faaily and friends are planning a benefit concertt oo3 help pay her medical bills thaa concert is saturday june 2 at ú%e wind up space on north avenue. if you cannot o to the conccrtú go to aad click on news links, for more information on how to help. 10:00. >> thank you ery much keith. >> a fire in st. mary's ccunty leeves one person dead tonight. it broke out at 7:000last night onnmorris drive anddlexington pprk. inside of a burning shud she disccvered the body of charles an autopsy is underway. >> neighbors discover a horrific sceee in aa allly in west baltimore. a dog is ound strangled. well, he animal abuse cases in
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new taskkforce is trying to ú%ackdown. >> ii an alley behind west laavale street the dog iss3 hanging from a chain. strannled. ly say it may have een thrown by a nearby roof. >> prooably a kid playing a prank but terrible prank to play. because you look and it is an animal, somebody's pet. and you should take better care. >> an investtgation is underwayú >> i do believe penalties need to be increased. we need to taae serrously the abuse to animals in the community. because it is inked. that it is linked to violence wittin the community. on people also.ú >> the anti-animal abuse task force is looking into theebrutal crime. >>well, it issso troubling is how brutal this crime was. and i learned yesterday that a philadelphia, on the same day. sooanimal abuse is happening everywwere, not just inntheú city. >> the mayor said it would take
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the community help to catch the culprit. >> the police cannot dd this alone. so many people have informatton3 we need them to share it. so we can have a safer city..3 anti-animal abuse task forcehe permanent. the proppsal is pendingg.3 in westtbaltimore. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10::0. >> the public wassinviteed to on animals, public meeting with the anti-animallabuse coalition was held at poly high school %oniiht a bruised animallin the form f a chhck. baltimore's classic five golf course hassheld an eveet to3ú raise money for the baltimore animal rescue and care shelters. the animal shelter todayy >> it will buy us a lot of vaccines and edications. it is a great help. it is something that we're always short of funds. so it helps us buy the extra things that we may not normmlly ú% able to purchase. >> barks carrs for 12,000 %-foomer marine shot and killedy
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a off duty baltimore ooice officer..33 brown sat outside today. funeral services held for him. -rown buried at the maryland state cemetery in garrison >> someeody supposed to be upholding the justice, you know myysoo. and i keep hearing, it was nine times, six times. he shot 13 times. man heedeserveed death penalty. >> gaaiji tshaaba is charged with first-degree murder andd3 police need your help to find a woman that robbed another woman %-this is who they are looking for. she robbed and asssulted a 21-year-old woman along york road near burke avenue back on may 1. the suspect got away with tte viitim's purse, credit cards an3
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ceel phone. -f you reeognize her, you are asked to call baltimore county police at 410-307-2020. baltimore's beverage tax mayor stephanie rawlings-blake cleaned the streets saying without more3 money the city s going to get mmch dirtierr3ú karen parks is live at cityyhall with a vote expected in the near future. >> this beverage tax has taken so many twists and turns. firrttit was on the table. thennit waa off the table. ú%en put ack on. council memmers that were against it in the beginning, are now for it. but today, in federal hill, we talked with a group of youth missionaries actually cceaning uu federal hill. beverage tax.thhm about the their response iss may surprise you. baltimore's controversial beverage tax..3 >> tte trash, that the skimmer is collecting is real. >> mayor stephanie rawliigs-blake mmkks her final plea. >> this is a reallbudget ú%ffcit. a real gap that needs to be fflled. these are real jobs.
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and these areereel serrices that are attached to these jobs. >> she is calling for an up or beverage container tax, whichú%d $11.4 million. needed to help close the city's $121 million budget deficit.ú without it, she says, services like street sweeping. graffiti removal and water mainnenance coull be reduced or cut.3 >> if we are not out here cleaning the arbor, no one is. >> right heee. cleaa up the paak. >> but we find a ffw helping hands frrm outh onnmissioo.3 >> i think it needs cleaning. >> cleaning up. %->> the city has been able to give us free mutual. that we are using. i have been able to get paper bags. >> we asked them about the3 ú%verageetax while taking a %->> i on't thiik it is a big deel. when you put it ii perspective,
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to the services that you obtain from that 4 cents sales tax. >> i don't care if they put 6 cents oo the bottle, i think, you know the everages e drink are full of sugar, not good for us. and it s a perfectly wooderful way tooget some extra revvnue. >> councilman stoke social securitt leaning aaaiist supporting the beverage tax. he ssid he it should leaa to more jobs and fewer furlough days. if he otes against the tax it would likely lead in a tie resulting in the ddfeat. a vote is exppcted tomorrow. reporting live at city hall. karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thanksskaren. >> as the bbdget battle continues, the mayor had good news today.3 >> i am proud to announce, that despite our current budget crisis, all recreation centers will be open this summmr. >> the mayor said those 55 ree centerr will offer lots of activities and summer camp phoschildren.
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the future of the rec centers of course was shaky given the shaky city budget. >> new website to help keep baltimore kids out of truck this seeson. youth be lets you search eighborhooos ú%r summer activities for for example, type in druid hill and basketball, and you wwll find basketball programssin druid hill. simple enough. >> check out the new website on ours, go to >> rose cross racewwys plans to close for good next month. %-cloverleaf enterprise last day of operations at thee3 track is july 1. live racing has not been ttere since 2008..3 ocean downs will be the only remaining harness racing rack. >> a seal nursed back to ealth in bbltimore, new exactly where he wanted to spend the summmr. >> yeah, this is video of lastings released into the waters off ocean city last month. foond there in jjnuary dehydrateing and suufering rom cuus on his flipper.
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>> well lastings decided toú spend the summer in new england. crrsscrossed the wateessof massachusstts bay and near boston and cape cod bay and as >> he wants to cool off for% summer. lastings has traveled 1100 miles and you can track hhm yourself. through our website. linkk. -> good girl. come on in. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. the amazing thingg these ddgs are doing to help wounded soldiirs. our cover story tonnght. >> also ahead. a police fficer punches a woman. why other police officers say it might have been the best optionn >> and city council is stepping in to try to stop bullying inn3 schools. i am myraada stephens. and i will have the story coming up. >> and it lloks like we saw hot
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today. few s @@
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>> ittwas a problle firstt3 uncover by fox 45 nees. ú%we reveeled bullyiig at gilmoe elementary school. bullying so bad ne student thought about jumping out of a windoo to get away from it all. >> tonight parents were able to take lawmakers the things children experienced in baltimore ciiy schooll. story you saw first on fox. >> well, jeff and jennifer, i am here outside huber memorial church on york road that you could sayywas transformed into city hall toniiht. as city leaders, and people in
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the community, tried to tackle the issue of bullying head on. >> i am the parent of a hild that is being bullied. >> nearly 200 people packed huber memorral church wednesday night. to talk about bullying in bbltimore city schools. >> i am mia and i go to roland ú%rk schoolland there was a lot of bullies there. >> jack young called on the heering fter introducing a bill last montt for school official to say detail the problem of bullyinn in schools. and what steps they are taking to fight it. it is an issue that was brought %-when fox 451st reported on bullying at gilmore elementary. >> just want toomake sure that evvrybody knew that this is not to beat up the school system bu3 how we can work together to solve the issue..3 >> accooding to the numbers, there were 155 bullying suspensions throughout the school system this school year. compareddto only 374 years ago. but city school ceo lonso said
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the numbers are a reflection of what is goong on around the country. >> every school system in school systems in different wys because we are dealing with different issues. >> alonss said the school is working to fight the problee %-but one experttsaid that pares also need to step up. >> all i am hhre to say is pull3 your weight. %-frrstration.of the meeting >> i point my fingers at you see city council men..3 front of me, we need the moniesn to support theee services that are principals need to give to theee students. but it has to be mplemented.3 it has to e. >> anddschool officials say they do plan to take everything they
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heard tonight into consideration.ú and as they work to improve their anti-bullying programs.ú for next school year ann the years beyond. myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> nearly two months ow after an oil rig explodessaad sinks into the gulf of mexico, president obama meets with top officiaas at briiish petroleum. live look aa the leak. no different than the day before, or the day before hat. as much as 2 and a half illion %-out of the well.y are coming -hat's an exxon vaadez spill speech every four days. jeff abbll shows us what decisions were made with bp today.3 >> the presiient had his firstt3 face-to-face meeting with bp executives at he white house and minutts later theee was an >> i would likeeto take this american people. >> bp's apollgetic chairman
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emerges from the white house after his first face-to-face3 meeting with president obama. and then speeks to americans for the first time. for starrers. the oil giint has agreed to create a $20 billiin fund to pay claims. to those that lives and obs haae been dismated by the company's oil spill..3 >> this is not a cap. the people of thh gulf have my commitment ttat bp will meet its obligations to them. >> neither the government nor bp will conttol the escrow accounn3 the lawyer that oversaw the 9/11 compensation has been appointee as third-party administrator. bp also announced won't pay any more dividends to shareholdersú this yeer.3 >> we made it clear to the president. that wordd are not enough. we understand that we will, aad we should be, jjdged by our actions. >> the company will also create a $100 million found compensate3 oil rig workers that lost jobs3 as a resull of tte disasterr.3
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at the end of the day that's wwat every american wants and expects. >> bp executives are preparing to take the hot seat when they testify before a house panel on thursday. 10:00. >> okay. here is our uestion of the day. do you think thh white house should make ood on its tough rhetoric? most said no. 68 to 32 percent. on facebook, april writes.ú%he d trying to makk sure that the taxpayers don't have to pay for their screwwup. what more can he do??3 but roger on facebook said. uutil the cash actually starts flowing to those. all high pesh lee. us what you think. send us aatweet. your reeponse might air tonight on thee"late eeition" at 11:00. >> well we know that ob ehrlich
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plans to ccallenge o'malley in the race foo governor. one of them officially joined the race today. and shaping up to be coopetitive already. recent poll by rasmussen showed it tied with 45 percent %-ehrlich.cent upporrtng papers needed to run for a second term.3 lieutenant governor anthony brownnjoined him. >> i am proud of the people of ú%r state. the ffce of adversity make progress, and more progress to make. >> former gooernor ehrliih has not filed yet ann not announced who the running mail mate will ú%. >> staa up-to-datt with the race, on our website. go to foxbaltimore.ccm and clic3 on the vote 2010 iccn. in the news features section. >> 40,000 open warrants n bbltimore city. tonight undreds f fugitives hhve willingly surrennered. crime and justice reporter joyú lepola hows us how they just walled way.
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>> streets blocked off. as poliie crowd a neighborhood corner. in 44-yeaa-old raynard joon is3 not alone. >> ss many of us walked around with something over our3 shoulder. >> that something, is an open warrant. >> nothing but deaah and jails. and institutions. >> ollce have been lookinn for john. wanted for violating his probation. saii i need to go take care of that today. not tomorroww >> the bracelets are for the %-purpose per for peoplering and
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supporting they did. >> ttis is safe surrender. >> initiative aiied at cleeriig 40,000 pen warrants. >> that stem from non-violent crimes in the city.ú >> this is an opportunity to come in, talk tt ppople and have your situation resolved. there is no ttiik or raa bag where we will snatch you up. >> affer living in fear of the police for almost two decades. on hhs shoulderss joy epooa, foxx 5 news at 11:00 >> now, a courtroom is also set up wiih public defenders and safeesurrender runs until saturday at 4:00, at the new metropolitan baptist church. at 1501 mccullough in westt33 baltimore. clouds and rain out there
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today. >> now get ready for some profound heat. here is chhef meteorrlogist vytas reid with a look at the sky watch forrcast. vytas, wwat is up? >> we have hot temperatures on the wayy tomorrow will be decent.3 but the heat starts to build in as we go to riday and the weekknd. hd radar right now shows no rea3 precipitation here across the border up to harrisburg. ttere was showers and thunderstorms. but really just got llght raan early this morning. few pop-up showers and thunderstorms. zooming out tteeppcture here. you can see not a lot of all because of the cold front ú%at is building in from the west. and we have some pop up showers and thunddestorms ahead offt %-the chance lessened as hiih pressure moved intt place. anddwe will see cooler wind behind the front. and back edge of he high is increaae to the weekend.úll 77 in baltimore. 79 dc. looks like for tomorrow, we will see the sun breaking out. beautiful afternoon. in the mid o lower 80s. and it looks like then the heatú returns. i wiil have a detailed look at how hot it will get in the seven-day forecast coming up. 3 >> later on fox 5 news at
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10:00. the tweet that started this brrwl at a concert in new york city. >> sitthoney. good girl. come on in. >> but next. simple tasks taken over by man's best friend. how they are elping woundedú soldiers,
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>> they are considered man's and woman's, of course, best friend. >> but tooight we explore how around tte loog, seven days a week. kathleen cairns has tonight's cover story..33 mel.'s angel. >> maria haa a new dog. likes toogo places. >> and in maryland's countryside, this puppy gets to3 play. >> her name is lady liberty. good baby. she is a five mooth old labb >> libby for short.ú >> you don't all get a snack. >> llbby has ssriking similarities to? although they look very -iffeeent.
10:29 pm
his name is theodore, theo for short. >> theo and ryan major are inseparable. >> that saying ogs are man's best friend. that is very truee i belleve that now. >> ryan served in iraq. >> 11 months,,into the deployment, i stepped on an ied. i lost my leg. >> two llgs, and most of his fingers. >> i woke up in waller reed. >> we visited ryan at walter reed when just oving was a difffcult feat. ryan when volunteers had to rebuilddhis home. just so he could go home. difficult. ú%til theo ame aaong. >> ww do everything together. although the dog was trained in germaa. >> i m teaching him engllsh commands, like sit. %-ryan is haunted by nightmares
10:30 pm
from the war zone. he sleeps on the bed with me. that brings -- makes me more comforrtble. i feel safe. >> before theo moved n. ryan had several dangerous >> i fell out of my wheelchair and landed on my elbow. destroyed it. >> theo can now compensate for his companion's shortcomings. >> he cannlike pickkthings up -hank you. good boy. >> the dog has beennspecially trained to help ryan retrieve3 just about anything. >> and remembee libby? >> sit honey. good girl. >> she is ii tracking. %-vet just like ryan.yet another
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>> aak it. good girl. >>as libby ontinueeto say learn. theo puts those skills to use. helping the ilitary's disabled do essential tasks. >> she is going to be a real partner and give somebody their independence. >> maria is highly motivaaed tt help soldiers that have served. >> this is my country now. >> she is an immigrant from south america. -> and i aw his as a small way to ive back. %-for alllof us.ave done so mucú liberty becomes more clear. >> tracking here s nothing compared to the sacrifices ttat our men and women are doing ú% theyyare canines. >> he is my angel. >> who aae answering their own
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call to duty.3 >> he is mmyangel and i m his angel.ú >> there is a meeting of souls and forming that partnership and frieedship. >> people ay i spill him. but he spoils me too. >> dogs thht arr making a difference for americaas heroesú in mmntgomery county, kaahleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> a lot oo anggls in that story. >> baltimore region, hero dogssorg is the ooly group that trains ddgs to help injurrd -eterans. >> ryan major's dog came from a group in the state of flooida..3 now for a link to the service, %-go to links. >> confrontaaion with a cop ends with a punch. what happened before the officer threw his 50. next. we saw people throwing chairs. >> mayhem at a concert sends
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chairs flyiig. the tweet that got people so upset as the news at 10:00 continues. >> ww have temperatures in the 70s right now. not feeling too bad ouu there. other than the humidity. but we are going to see the temperatures heating up to the 900s show you how long the heat
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rainy and clludy. but from what i understand it will be buster poindexter weather. hot, hot, hoo. >> run uuside naked. no, don't do that. >> what? >> because it is so hot. >> maybe you will do that. >> we will be reserved and skip thht. >> it will be so hot o have many layers of clothing -- >> i don't ant to wake up tomorrow morning and see a bunch of naked people running around. >> i know. keep yoorrccothes on. >> there you go.
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>> turn onnthe air conditioning. anywaa, it looks like it will be hot, hot, hot, like jeff said. we had a chance of thunderstorms across the area tonight. buttwe will not see ttat. which is good. it looks like maybe stray of us. for the most part around here, few rumblls of thunder this morning. temperatures 77. lookinggat calm winds. ú%midity levels at 90 percent. so very humid out thhre right now. even though the temperatures arr going down. high ttday wass80. precipitation. ú%ner harbour, a little over half an inch. so some areas getting heavier. ú%st a little trace oot theee a3 bwi thurgood marshall airport. so you can see theedifferences where some of the heavier showers wwnt through.3 now. %-79 dc.ltimore..3 78 in hagerstown. very humid out there. aarrss the region.ú looking at ssme of the hotter temperatures to tte south. in the 80s and some 99s further south of indiana. and we will start to see the heat builddn the reason being is
10:37 pm
thaa because we have a system moving through now. the cold front right now. back west we have clearing taking place over indiana, ohho, michigann an area of high pressure sliddng here is how it plays oot over the next coupleeof ddys. this iisthe front that is tonight that gives us ssme chhnce for severe weather.3 but that threat has llssened..3 -ver parts of pennsylvania. showers have been.heaviir south of us over virginiaaand carolinas. this ill cootinue to push off %-by tomoorrw, that activity is moviig out of here. and it looks like we will continue to see the high pressure sliding in over he region. we are on the front edge of the high pressure. so we have clockwise rotation around high pressurr. coming out of the north..3 when i say cooler air, thht's in the 80s. as this shifts off east.3úú%we t air wrapping in on the back edde of the area of high pressure. that will start to increase our temperatures as we go into friday, saturday, sunday,,3 monddy, tuesdayy heat drives on in. ú% we are lookknn at a warm forecast for the next several
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days. abooe normal temperatures. mild conditions. we wwll see mostly cloudy skies. and then he clouds break ffr tomorrow. looking at temperaaures around 85. decent day all and all. still get muggy through the afternoon. looking at 90 n friday. and 95 on monday. so it ii going to be a hot %--ake sure you are hyddrted. drink water. if you are outside activities. and will giie you more -etailed look at how the seven day plans out coming up in a bit. ú% a seattle washington police officer is caught on caaera >> well, the officer was ttying to restrain a 19-year-old wooan affer citing er for jayywalking when her couuin shoved tte officerr he unched hhr in the face, as you can seeethere. a crowd surrounded the officer taking pictures and rolling video.
10:39 pm
while he tried to control the situatton. trained inboxing teehniques for close corner confrontations. booh women now face obstruction charges. >> chhirs go flying as a riott3 breaks out in a free concert in new york. a crowd of 20,000 came out to see the canadian rapperrdrake, and pop trio hanson in manhattan last night. ú%ople started to throw furnituue and food and anything else they could ggt their hhnds some people had to be akennaway in an ambulance. two eople were arrested. >> it was crazy. we saw people throwing chairs. off the balcony. garbage cans. plants.3 %-bottles. >> and it seems that twitttr may have helped spark the fighting. drake confirmed throuuh twitter messages, ttat the nypd was shutting down the show. the crood xceeded poliie exxectations by about 10,000.
10:40 pm
>> signs on some chicago city ú%ses are causinn a lot of controversy tonight. the signs posted by the freedom from religion foundation tells riders to sleep in sunday instead of goinn to church.3 their savior,,it is not about a condition of minn. so you have to look t this type of thought process as something that is maybe normal in aa3 secular world, but something that will never impact thh church as a whole. >> it is a person'sschoice if they ccoose to get up sunday morning and go. ss i find it offensive that they would ut those signs up on a3 publii traasportation. want to go. >> still chicago buses will carry 75 signs juss like thesee3 around the windy citt. >> watching world ccp at work?
10:41 pm
coming up, why you can tell your boss ight make you a better person next in tonight's heelth check. >> why if you didn't go
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>> sports fans that back winning ttams feel better about themselves. that includes the worll cup fans going on as well. scientists say fans of winning teams actually feel more self3
10:44 pm
esteem after a bigggame due too3 somethhng called reflected glory. some studies say after your favorite team wins both men and women were more optimistic abouú chances of getting a date. so for single o's fans doctors ú%y hang in there. ii you are a philadelphia sportú fan. move. >> it is the hot new gadget you may not be able to get. >> in tonight's word wore. judy kurtz reveals why at&t is ú%oppinn ssles of the i-phonee4. judy? >> lloks like if you have not ordered the i-phone 4 you may b3 out of luck. at&t is overwhelmed by demmnd for the smarttphone and said it ú%nnot take any more preorders. ú%&t website appeared to be plagued with proolems since preorderssstarted yesterday. %-they could see the accoonts f other shoppers when they ried to order the phone in advance onlinn. other customers got error from more than 600,000 i-phone
10:45 pm
ú% in oneeddy. %-the i-phone i-phone 4 hits ste june 24 and ssarts at $199. have. %-weather updates on your phone3 -itt fox 45 mobile neww..3 siin up now on %-ttnight's "word on the web". ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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love. ú% final look t the ssven-day forecast. see plenty of sunshine. 85 degrees. but the temperatures will jump up as we go into the weekend. frrday 99 degrees. 93 on saturday. sunday 96 deerees. and then wednesday 911 it looks like we will hold onto %-now cannot rule out maybe aa3 slight chance forra pop-up shower down the roadd but it looks like the humidity will feel muggy out thhre. ready, summer issready, to break back to yyu guys. -hing thattbreaks loose. >> lots of bugs, if you want to get id of the bugs, you can call these peoplee they participated in the firrt astonia. catching competition in the rulessare 10 inutes to catch as many s they could.
10:49 pm
dead or alive. total of 400 mosquitoes cauggt. winner got 38, and earned a sailing trip. and had a mild case of malaria.3 >> and with lots f bug spray. >> unbelieeable. i owe an apolooy. i said chad ochocinco, of courre i prooounceed wrong. but i am sorry. i apologizee >> i am sure he accepts it. >> thank you. >> the orioles try to do something they have nottdone in %-win back-to-back games. %-to see f he oos could beat a two time cy young award winner. bruce cunninghaa? >> coming up tonight on "sports3 the great pitching the deciding gamm of the series..3 see if the o's can take ddwn of the g


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